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Visit The Star Drive-In for a Frosty Treat

When you think back to being a kid, what comes to mind? Hand-made burgers, family-friendly movies and fun activities would be our guess. Don't forget the frozen treat beloved of kids of all ages-ice cream! The Star Drive-In serves over 100 flavors of regular and soft-serve ice cream at our original 1964 location.

Specialty Waffle Cones & Bowls - Made In-House Daily!

Specialty Waffle Cones & Bowls - Made In-House Daily!

3 good reasons to make us your ice cream destination

We've been a neighborhood staple for over 50 years. We're known for our tasty food and outdoor movies, but we also serve up delicious ice cream. Here are three reasons to come to The Star Drive-In next time you're craving ice cream:

  1. There's so much to choose from-we have 30+ flavors of regular ice cream and 75+ flavors of soft-serve.
  2. You can enjoy your treat while you watch-during the warm months, you can order your ice cream before you settle in to enjoy our weekly movie.
  3. You'll know where your ice cream comes from-we like to keep it in the New England family. Our exceptional Ice Cream is from Gifford's in Skowhegan, Maine and seasonal options are from The Ice Cream Machine in Cranston, R.I., both family run businesses in New England.
With our 100+ ice cream flavors, the possibilities are endless. Stop by today and browse our full menu.

Our Flavors Change Seasonally! New Flavors Added Each Week!